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Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The purpose of the Scrutiny Committee is: -

·        To review the policies, process and implications of Cabinet, Cabinet Member and Officer decision making and the way in which Cabinet and Cabinet Member decisions are made;

·        To consider requests for “Call-in” as defined in the Council’s “Call-in” Procedure;

·        To refer decisions back to Cabinet (or the decision maker) for reconsideration.  It may do this once for any individual decision, after which if there is no agreement the decision will be referred to the full Council for determination;

·        To refer Cabinet and Cabinet Member decisions to the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee for investigation without delaying the implementation of the decision concerned;

·        To receive a report by the Leader of the Council at its first meeting after each Annual Council Meeting on the service issues for the year ahead, the Leader of the Council’s priorities for the coming year and on the Council’s performance in the previous year;

·        To oversee the arrangements for Overview and Scrutiny within the Council.

·        To carry out any investigation into the business and functions of the Council and to call in any Cabinet Member or senior officer of the Council so that they can offer advice, support or answer any question that will assist the Committee in carrying out its functions.

·        To carry out an external scrutiny function, particularly in relation to corporate issues and issues falling into the remit of a number of Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


To fulfil all the functions of an overview and scrutiny committee as they relate to –

·        the review, scrutiny  and development of policy recommendations;

·        the management of performance,

·        the monitoring of progress against corporate priorities and

·        the formulation of advice for the Cabinet, Council and other partners and stakeholders.


To have specific responsibility (but not limited to)

·        the scrutiny of the Corporate Affairs of the Council (including Human Resources, Law and Democratic Services, Partnership Policy and Performance, Property and Assets, Revenue and Benefits, Procurement, Business Transformation, Neighbourhood Management and the Budget Scrutiny function).


Contact information

Support officer: Steve Jones (Committee Officer) 01793 463602 Email: Stuart Figini (Committee Officer) 01793 463612 Email: Sally Smith (Scrutiny Officer 01793 463412 Email:



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