Friday, 27 November 2015

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Committee details

Economic, Environmental and Sustainability Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

To fulfil all the functions of an overview and scrutiny committee as they relate to: –

·        the review, scrutiny  and development of policy recommendations;

·        the management of performance,

·        the monitoring of progress against corporate priorities and

·        the formulation of advice for the Cabinet, Council and other partners and stakeholders.


To have specific responsibility for (but not limited to): -

·        the scrutiny of the Economic Development and Enterprise and Environmental Sustainability Blocks of the Swindon Local Area Agreement;

·        Environment and Sustainability;

·        Regeneration;

·        Housing;

·        Transport and Strategic Transport Planning;

·        Strategic Planning

·        Waste and Recycling;

·        Economic and Cultural Development;

·        Library Service.


Contact information

Support officer: Stuart Figini (Committee Officer), 01793 463612, Email: Jodie Townsend (Scrutiny Officer), 01793 463109, Email:



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